Dude On Meth Surfs On Cars To Avoid Invisible Attackers And It’s Strangely Impressive

Casual Sunday afternoon in Florida. I love how the people driving the car don’t stop or pull over or even bat an eye that they have a shirtless methed-out hooligan surfing on their roof.

Driver: “Do you hear that?”

Passenger: “Ya, it’s just a grown man foaming at the mouth peering through our sunroof.”

Driver: “Oh, must be one of Dale and Linda’s sons.”

Passenger: “No, I think its Dale himself.”

Driver: “Hm! We still getting dinner with them tonight?”

Passenger: “Ya, looks like he wanted to carpool.”

GOD DAMNIT FLORIDA I LOVE YOU. If it weren’t for you I probably wouldn’t have a job. Like in the BroBible interview, my pitch was “ya, I’d say I’m strong in Excel and well-versed in talking about crackheads getting turnt up in Florida. I’m also a good team player.” As long as Florida still exists, I can do this blogging thing until I die. How’s THAT for job security, DAD?!

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