Dude Takes A Hit Of Weed So Good He Starts Crying, Films Himself, And Now I’ve Got Tears Of Laughter

by 1 year ago

Those are very real tears, and they’re not because he hit the bong too hard, they’re because he’s so overwhelmed with joy at how good the weed is that he’s smoking. I’ve never been overcome by that much emotion at any point in my life. Not during the best meal I’ve ever eaten, not after the thickest bong rip I’ve ever choked down, not after I lost my V-Card, and not even after FSU won the National Championship two years ago (though I did tear up just a little then).

I’m jealous of this man, of him and his cannabis. I can’t imagine being so overcome with joy at something as simple as ripping a blunt. This dude’s clearly figured out how to appreciate the small things in life, something I need to work on, or maybe he’s just really fucking high and that’s the key to true happiness…I just don’t know.

(h/t reddit/videos)

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