People Can’t Stop Making Fun Of This Dumb Story About A ‘Gran, A Mum, And A Daughter’ Getting Mistaken For Sisters

by 3 years ago

Remember that story at the beginning of February about a mom, grandmother, and daughter who were confused for sisters? That drove the Internet into a tailspin at the time. Now it’s inspired an even-dumber copycat story from the U.K. tabloid paper, The Sun.

Except here’s the thing: The subjects of the story — Gwen Slade, 65, her daughter Jemima Slade, 44, and granddaughter Lily Slade, 16 — look nothing like sisters. They actually just look like, um, a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter, which makes this the biggest non-story in this history of dumb internet non-storys.




And now people can’t stop trolling The Sun over just how moronic this claim is. Here are some of the best tweets compiled by Buzzfeed








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