Woman Gets Driver’s License Back From DMV And She Now Lives On ‘Eat Ass’ Street

Florida! Coming strong in the 2015. Yesterday, women were having dreams of dildo-waving grannies. Today, welcome to Eat Ass street.

A woman in Florida got her driver’s license in the mail only to find that she apparently lived on “Eat Ass” street. Her entire street address is printed as “Eat Ass Englewood, FL 34223,” thus raising the question of how exactly they mailed the license to her.

What did this woman do to piss off the DMV that much? More importantly, what the hell is her actual address? Oh, it’s Eat Ass Avenue? Well then this needs to be changed.

The woman called The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to complain, which left her on hold for 35 minutes, but never provided an answer as to how it happened. Maybe she got mad, screamed “EAT ASS!” into the phone and that’s how this whole mess got started?

[H/T: Consumerist]