You Should Really Be Terrified Of Electric Eels And This Video Will Show You Why

There are so many damn things in the world that will fuck you up right good that it’s easy to not worry about every single one of them.

Like, you can’t worry about mutant lions learning how to use guns, and a possible rise in volcanism irrevocably changing the climate, and spiders.

That would just make the ol’ brain machine explode. We prioritize instead.

So you can be forgiven for not worry about how terrifying electric eels are. They live in Brazil, I think, and only in the water, I also think, so like, there’s a great number of steps between you and you getting fucked up by an electric eel.

But did you know they can jump out of the water to shock the dick out of your dick?

Watch this video of the never-before-seen behavior by electric eels. It comes from Vanderbilt University electric eel expert Kenneth Catania and it is believed to be the first time the phenomena has been recorded.

The video uses prosthetics with LEDs in them, which light up as the eels’ dispense shocks. And the eels make them look like Times Square.

Fucking shit man. I’m not even happy knowing I’m within like 9,000 miles of any electric eel.

Too fucking close.

[Via Slate]

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