The ‘Electronic Joint’ Is About To Take Over E-Cigs

by 4 years ago


I hate clubbing. Hate hate hate HATE it. I hate the blaring music, sweaty people, the fact that 90% of the men there are thirstier than Orlando Bloom is for Taylor Swift, plus the incredibly ratchet people that start smoking weed indoors completely kills it for me. But now thanks to a Dutch company, there’s one less thing to hate about the club experience.

“A Dutch company is capitalising on the prevelance of e-cigarettes with the introduction of the world’s first electronic joint.
The E-Njoint is fully legal, comes in a variety of fruity flavours, and contains no THC, tobacco or nicotine, making it ideal for ‘trendy dance parties, music events, bars, clubs and so on,’ point out its manufacturers.
However, users are able to refill the E-Njoint with cannabis liquid or dry ‘herbs’.”

Via IB Times

Classic ass-coverage there. “Yes we’re calling it the E-Joint. Yes you smoke it. No, there’s no THC in it…but feel free to fill it with pot if you want.” That’s like selling crack pipes and advertising them as “flower vases, but feel free to smoke crack out of it anyway.” At the most these E-Njoints sound like fancy vaporizers that won’t get you kicked out of public places as easily, in which case I don’t hate it.


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