AWWW Of The Day: English Bulldog Puppy Is Adorably Bewildered By Her First Rain Storm

This lil sack of adorableness is named Shelby. She is a 13-week-old English bulldog puppy who is about to encounter rain for the first time in her young life and it’s going to blow her little puppy mind.

Shelby whips her dumb little head around to find out the source of this water so she can lick it. But there’s no faucet or doggy bowl to be found anywhere. Shelby looks down at the grass to see if the water is spurting from there. Sorry, grass doesn’t do that. Duh. She looks up to the heavens and can’t see shit. Poor little puppy and her dumb little puppy brain can’t understand warm air causes water from rivers, lakes and oceans to evaporate, turn to water vapor, cling to condensation nuclei, and once there are trillions of them clumped together they form clouds. When the water vapor in the cloud becomes too heavy, it falls back to the ground as rain or snow. C’mon puppy this is basic shit right here, up your science game.

Next time Shelby goes outside when it’s raining she needs her galoshes and rubbers so she won’t freak the fuck out.