Instead Of Evacuating, Floridians Party, Hit The Bar, Surf, And Livestream Almost Being Swept Out To Sea

Millions of people along the southeastern coast of the United States especially in Florida were ordered to evacuate shoreline areas in anticipation of the potentially life-threatening conditions that Hurricane Matthew could bring.

Fox News host Shep Smith went so far as to tell his viewing audience that they will die and their kids will die too if they did not get the hell outta Dodge. But because of doubting the severity of the situation, stubbornness, ignorance, or financially unable to evacuate, there were many, many people still along the coast as the once Category 5 hurricane hit.

One of the Floridians who did not flee is American treasure Vanilla Ice.

Too cold.

So what did people do with their free time as the monster storm hit?

Some people had hurricane parties.

God bless this girl.

Best not crash this hurricane party.

Some people went to bars.

Some people went to breweries.

Some people had their dicks out for Harambe.

Some people went surfing.

And some people played make-believe and pretended that they were amateur weather reporters and gave live broadcasts from the hurricane. A Facebook Live map of Florida show several livestreams being broadcast.

You gotta get those social media views. I get it.

Being swept out to see or electrocuted by a falling power line is just the risks in getting your Klout score higher.

Be safe everyone.