Fox News Host To Floridians In Hurricane Matthew’s Path ‘You and Everyone You Know Are Dead, and Your Kids Die, Too.’

Fox News host Shep Smith, who has no meteorological credentials, decided to spread mass panic at the end of his segment discussing Hurricane Matthew.

Here is Smith describing what happens if Matthew would move just 20 miles to the west.

“See this? Melbourne? Daytona Beach? Jacksonville? This moves 20 miles to the west, and you and everyone you know are dead. All of you. Because you can’t survive it. It’s not possible. Unless you’re very, very lucky. And your kids die, too.”

Although Smith should probably turn it down a notch, at least he’s taking the storm seriously unlike Matt Drudge who thinks that the Hurricane warnings are a ploy by Hillary Clinton and the left wing to sell the climate change conspiracy during an election year.

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