HAHAHA! Look At All These Facebook Dolts Tricked Into Sending Prayers For A Dog With Ham On His Head


Usually we are shielded from stupid people because we avoid them at work and only have to see our relatives a couple of times a year. But on Facebook, the imbeciles are right there. On your phone. On your computer. In your work cubicle. In your living room. Spewing their ignorance, babbling about gobbledygook and sharing fake stories. Such is the case for the tragic story of ham dog.

Stephen Roseman uploaded this horrific photo to Facebook with the caption:

This poor dog was badly burned and disfigured trying to save his family from a house fire
One like = one prayer
One share = ten prayers

There was a tremendous outpouring of thousands of people with big hearts and little minds who helped make the photo go viral. The poor puppy pic has over 55,000 Likes and was shared over 110,000 times on the social media platform. That’s a lot of digital prayers.

Only one problem. The dog was not a victim of a house fire. The dog was a victim of a poorly placed cold cut.

Now I don’t claim to be an expert of canine burn victims, but heat wounds don’t look like sliced ham. Sliced ham looks like sliced ham. That “wound” from the house fire is indeed a slice of ham.


Fuck prayers, I’m sending that poor pooch some Swiss cheese, a loaf of bread and a nice brown mustard, the fancy kind that actually has mustard seed in it.

This comes weeks after gullible half-witted Facebook users believed that Mark Zuckerberg was giving $4.5 million to 100 Facebook users who shared this message on the social networking site.

Oh Facebook dolts you crack me the fuck up.

And remember back in September when Facebook users thought that by simply copy and pasting a few paragraphs to their account that it MAGICALLY protects all of their important photos and data that they willingly share on Facebook.

Cheers, to the majority of you fine Facebook users who still have and utilize your frontal lobes.