Just When You Thought ‘FHRITP’ Was Dead, Dude Drops One During Live Coverage Of The Seattle Protests

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You know, it’s not like seeing someone say “FHRITP” is funny anymore, because it’s not. But I never get tired of seeing and hearing the reactions of the newscasters when someone does it. I don’t think that will ever fail to entertain.

You can almost sense the trepidation of the on-scene reporter as he puts the microphone in front of this rando walking down the street during the Seattle May Day protests. It’s like he KNEW only bad things were going to happen by giving this guy a live open mic. Almost makes you wonder if he wasn’t somehow in on it.

Of course, as usual, the topper is the stuffed-shirt news anchor’s response of “That’s what you get when you stick a mic in front of somebody’s face on live television.” Like he totally saw it coming.


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