BEHOLD! Every Punch, Fight, Brawl, Stampede And Complete Chaos From Black Friday 2015 (VIDEO)

Every punch. Every swipe of a vegetable steamer from a young child. Every stampede. Every get on the floor and wrestle a 50-inch television from the hands of a grandma. Every brawl and every fight from Black Friday 2015 can be witnessed in this disturbing compilation.

Barbarism at it’s finest was showcased on this year’s most dangerous shopping day, and gee willikers I am sure thankful that I stayed in bed.

You’re welcome online retailers, I just gave you the greatest commercial to not step foot into brick-and-mortar stores. Now if you could give furnish me with a deeply discounted TV on Cyber Monday that would be swell.

If six minutes of Black Friday pandemonium didn’t cause you to lose faith in humanity, I’m sure this 15-minute Black Friday fight compilation surely will.


Has Black Friday Gotten Out Of Hand?