7 Tasty Fireball Whiskey Alternatives, Because Change Is Good

Fireball is the king of flavored whiskeys, but it’s not the only shot on the shelf. Here are 7 great Fireball whiskey alternatives that you can shoot instead. We’re not abandoning ship because of the Fireball anti-freeze drama; we just like options.

Be sure to take note of the ABV of these shots. People love to brag about the number of Fireball shots they took until I point out that it’s only 66-proof alcohol. There’s nothing uber-manly about 33% ABV whiskey that literally (used correctly) contains almost as much sugar as it does alcohol.

1. Chicken Cock Cinnamon Whiskey, 86-Proof

Winner winner Chicken Cock dinner. At least if that dinner is dependent on having the best whiskey name in the game. Chicken Cock, which also offers cherry cola whiskey, are seemingly speaking directly to me when they advertise, “175% less sugar than Fireball and 30% more alcohol. More Heat, Less Sweet!”

2. Jack Daniels Tennessee Fire, 70-proof

Do you like Jack Daniels? Do you like Red Hots? Why not combine the two and then drink it at a rapid pace? This is good Old No. 7 Whiskey and infused with a proprietary red hot cinnamon liqueur. It’s only available in GA, IL, MI, OR, PA, SC, TN, and TX, so feel free to talk shit to your friends in less awesome states.

3. Wild Turkey Honey Sting, 71-proof

Safe to say this is Xzibit’s favorite whiskey. Why? Because they put flavored whiskey in their flavored whiskey. Wild Turkey Honey predates the flavored whiskey craze by about 35 years, but they revamped it for Millennials by adding ghost pepper. It’s hot, sweet, and seemingly lingers forever.

4. Jim Beam Fire, 70-proof

Much like Tennessee Fire is with Jack, Jim Beam Fire is made with standard Jim Beam. There’s definitely plenty of Fireball candy flavor in there, but you can actually taste real deal whiskey. Depending on how much you respect yourself, that could be a good thing or a bad thing.

5. Patron XO Cafe Incendio, 60-proof

WILDCARD! There are shots other than flavored whiskey that you can take. Crazy, I know. Patron XO Cafe looked poised to take over the world before Fireball came along. Now they’re trying to get back in the game by adding Mexican arbol chile to their already stellar mix of Criollo chocolate and Patrón Silver tequila.

6. Jeremiah Weed Cinnamon Whiskey, 71.2-proof

Surprised by the popularity of cinnamon whiskey? Jeremiah Weed, not to be confused with the bullfrog, is the reason why. They actually say their whiskey is meant to “bewilder and amaze” people. It’s more cinnamon than heat, making it possibly the most Firebally of the bunch.

7. Fire Water Cinnamon Schnapps, 100-proof

Warning: Fire Water is bottom shelf and overproof. That tells you everything you need to know about it. That said, Fire Water gets the job done in a way the others on this list can’t. Quickly. It’s 50% alcohol so you get plenty of alcohol burn before you get the cinnamon/Fireball burn.

– Tullamore D.E.W., 86-proof

What happened to just taking shots of good old whiskey? It doesn’t have to taste like cinnamon or have a clever name to be taken rapidly. Plus, my girlfriend makes fun of my friends who drink Fireball as she rips yet another shot of straight whiskey, so man up.