This Fisherman’s Man Bun Is More Shameful Than What He Did After Catching A Huge Shark While Surf Fishing

Last week a sickening story went viral about a mob of tourists who killed a rare, endangered baby dolphin just so they could take selfies with it on the beach. That story was disturbing on so many levels: That a mob of human beings could watch a living animal suffer just for a photo opportunity is gross and says a lot about the times we live in. That story was worth getting mad about.

This story is not. Ashleigh Walters, a television news reporter for WPTV in Palm Beach, Florida posted a video of a man pulling a shark out of the water to pose with it. It’s pretty clear the shark — presumably a Lemon Shark — was legally reeled in by a surf fisherman in the frame.

The video quickly went viral. Online masses have quickly condemned the Bro in board shorts: He is evil for posing for a pic with his catch. Discovery News says “here we go again!” and Tech Times scorns him for posing with the “defenseless” animal.

Outrage culture strikes again, but now over simple catch-and-release fishing. When you catch a shark like that in the surf, you have to get it on the beach in order to remove whatever tackle you used to land it in the first place. There’s no shame in snapping a pic before releasing it safely back to it’s environment. It’s better than doing something truly irresponsible and immoral, like keeping it as a trophy to stuff over your man cave mantle.

Until nanny state politics cause a ban on recreational fishing, you’ll always have anglers posing with their catch for the few seconds that they have it out of water. There was zero outrage when this guy caught a similar-sized Lemon Shark and posed for a selfie on the beach, later posting a video on YouTube:

The only thing to be outraged about in the video above is that Bro’s man bun. Time to cut that thing off.

P.S.: Here’s a selfie I took with a sand shark from a couple of years ago. I took it while surf fishing in Dewey Beach. It took five seconds to snap the pic, then I simply plucked it off the hook with pliers and sent it on it’s way happily into the water.

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