Mugshot Of The Day: Florida Man Named ‘Hicks’ Arrested For Drunk Driving In His Motorized Wheelchair

Man arrested for drunk driving a wheelchair1

Surprisingly, his last name is “Hicks,” not surprisingly is that he is from Florida and this is his third DUI in 10 years.

Meet Ronny Hicks from Palm Bay, Florida. The 54-year-old enjoys long rides in his motorized wheelchair while blocking multiple lanes of traffic on a bridge as the salty airs whisks through his unkempt beard. Unfortunately not everyone appreciates drunk Hicks on their bridge.

Cops were called to the scene, where they found Hicks reeking of alcohol and slurring his speech. Hicks refused to take a field sobriety test and breathalyzer. Hicks also declined treatment for an unexplained head wound.

Hicks was arrested for driving under the influence for blocking traffic in his mobility scooter.

The judge approved the maximum $5000 bond because this was Hicks’ third DUI in ten years. There was no information provided if this was his third DUI whilst riding on a motorized wheelchair or if the other violations occurred when he was driving an automobile. He remains in custody at Brevard County Jail.

Typical fucking Hicks. Getting drunk, suffering head trauma and driving mobility scooters on the road fucking it up for everyone else. Goddamn Hicks.