10 Fascinating Free Web Cams You Can Watch Right Now


When you hear the term “free web cam” usually the first thing you think of is boobs. That’s not the type of free cams we’re talking about. All over the internet you can find live feeds of interesting or bizarre events that are amazingly free to watch.

There were hundreds discussed in a Reddit thread, but here were the ten free cams that stood out the most.

Live Sea Otter Cam

The Vancouver Zoo has you covered for all of your exotic animal viewing needs. They have a sea otter cam set up so you can watch them any time you want. In addition they also have a penguin cam, a jellyfish cam, and, of course, a beluga cam. What more could you possibly need from a free cam?


Drive Me Insane!

Why would anyone do this to themselves? This cam allows users to, not only look around a guy’s house, but also turn his lights on and off whenever you choose. You can activate a disco ball, lamps, candles, and more. Have fun, I guess.


Phoebe Allens Hummingbird Cam

Not only is this a cam of little hummingbirds eating out of a feeder, but it’s also become a little community where users log in and chat with each other about all things hummingbirds. There is no bigger sign that the internet has taken over the world than this.



Can’t find anything interesting to watch on TV? How about a 24-hour live free cam stream of the International Space Station? You get a live feed when the crew is working as well as views of Earth from the station. Plus, the station orbits the Earth every 90 minutes so you get to see a sunset and sunrise every 45 minutes.


Abbey Road Crossing Webcam

Here you can watch live as tourists in London attempt to recreate the famous Beatles’ album cover while causing terrible traffic problems for all the locals just trying to get home from work.


iPet Companion

Now you can have all the joys of owning a pet without the cost, cleanup, or actual love and affection! With iPet Companion you can watch a live feed of shelter playrooms full of adorable kittens. Not only can you control the camera, but you can also control some of the remote control toys. There is a membership page to sign up, but it’s free and totally worth it.


Sid the Robot

This is definitely the most interactive cam on the list. Si Digital has created a robot that users can control from their website. You guide a robotic arm to pick up metal balls and drop them in different holes worth a different amount of points. Think of a super high tech version of skee ball. The line to play usually isn’t too long if you’re interested in taking over the robot for a bit.


The Bubble Cam

Sure, it’s not a NASA view from space, but it may be the next best thing. A guy has a bubble machine in his back yard and viewers can log in and control the bubble machine. Just be warned it only allows 20 viewers at a time otherwise he’ll run out of bubbles too quickly.


The Willard Ghost Cam

Here’s a fun, free cam — The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is believed to be haunted. Don’t believe me? Then check for yourself. The staff has set up multiple cameras throughout the building so you can keep an eye out for something supernatural. It’s like being a ghost hunter without having to leave your recliner.