‘From Paris With Love’ Being Written On The Bombs Dropped On ISIS Terrorists (PICS)

As France began dropping bombs on ISIS targets this past Saturday, just hours after the deadly and horrific attacks throughout Paris, photos began to emerge of the bombs being dropped on ISIS that are carrying a special message ‘From Paris, Wish Love’. It appears that the soldiers are taking this attack just as personally as the general public, and have taken to inscribing messages for the recipients of these bombs holed up in terrorist camps across Syria.

via DailyMail:

Emotive photographs of the message ‘From Paris, With Love’ daubed on American missiles bound for ISIS strongholds have emerged on social media.
The photographs appear to show the message scrawled over the Hellfire missiles and JDAM bombs in an act of solidarity for those affected by the Paris attacks.
ISIS has claimed responsibility for the atrocities on Friday night, during which members of the public were mercilessly slaughtered in a series of shootings and suicide blasts.
The message, in the unverified photographs, has apparently been written by members of the U.S. military.
Leaving graffiti messages aimed for those targeted by missiles has been a U.S. military tradition since the Second World War.
The U.S. is preparing to launch strikes at ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, although the exact target is not known.

So the photographs are unverified, so there’s a chance these are just pics of really, really good photoshops and/or photos of missiles and bombs from another attack. But the timing of these images matches, they all began to pop up on social media beginning Saturday, the day that the world stepped up its strikes on ISIS strongholds in Syria.