Chin Up, Bros, The Marijuana Trend Is Hinting At Total Legalization Sooner Rather Than Later

by 3 years ago

Everyone loves getting a little high. It helps you unwind and relax while also giving you some much needed inspiration. You think Dr. Seuss came up with all of those ideas while not high? Get the fuck out of here. The dude was high as fuck. I think pretty much every great creative mind tongue-kissed a little Mary Jane once or twice. You just can’t think of stuff like that otherwise.

However, one big obstacle most people have to hurdle pertaining to marijuana is, obviously, the fact that it’s illegal in many states. Most states, actually. Though, if we’re being honest, I’m not sure what the big issue is. It’s safer than alcohol. Getting a little high with the boys is probably 100x safer than taking a bunch of shots with your boys and then taking on the town. Also, state taxed legal marijuana amasses millions of dollars to put towards public building projects, services and charities. How can you call something bad that allows people to relax and puts money towards making a community better? You can’t. Literally, it’s not possible to. Especially when the same argument can be made in which marijuana tax will equal out to nearly $20 billion in the future. Billion. With a B. So toke up, bros, because soon you won’t have to do so in secret.