This Futuristic Condom Uses Electricity To Keep You From Losing Sensation And Yes, It’s Called The ‘Electric Eel’

While condoms are probably the easiest form of birth control that you can use, they’re also the most hated. Who likes getting all hot and bothered and then being like “WAIT! I need to wrap my dick in rubber so we don’t have a bunch of babies running around in 9 months, hold the fuck up.” Condoms aren’t sexy, they aren’t fun and honestly they’re a bit of a cockblock when you can’t even get it on right and the two of you are sitting there trying to saran wrap your dick.

But that’s all in the past, because the FUTURE is here and we now have electric condoms! Whooo…I think?

From what it looks like you may still have trouble getting it on, but at least the problem with losing sensation is sorta-maybe fixed.

Future models would replace the wires with thin electric leads. Further, Peer and Quitmeyer explain in their demo video that the controllers could be “directed in person or through various Internet APIs.” (It’s a little difficult for us to imagine someone whipping out their iPhone in the middle of banging in order to modulate the voltage on their Internet-connected condom, but maybe I’m just a simple man.) That aside, an e-stim gent tent makes sense.

Via Refinery 29

Currently the Indiegogo campaign to get the Electric Eel up and running is a couple thousand short of its $10,000 goal…but hey, you never know. 10 years from now shoving your dick into an Electric Eel could be an everyday activity and not something that’ll get you kicked out of an aquarium.


[H/T Refinery 29]