This Is Truly The Weirdest Thing Ever Seen On Germany’s Autobahn Highway

Germany is a weird place. It’s the Japan of Europe. For decades they’ve been bellwethers of the kinkiest porn imaginable. Germany is also home to the Autobahn Highway, a road with no speed limits. The cardinal rule on the Autobahn is to drive in the right lane and pass slower vehicles by using the left lane (don’t ever sit in the left lane). I can say with the utmost level of confidence that is THE WEIRDEST thing ever seen on the Autobahn highway.

Btw, the video itself is only 23 seconds but the good stuff happens around 14 seconds in. So feel free to click ahead, or don’t because it’s only 23 seconds long:

A car driving 100km/h (~62mph) getting passed by a steampunk farm tractor dragging a pop-up camper. It just doesn’t get any weirder than that. I’ve never even seen a tricked out farm tractor, let alone one that’s been tweaked to drive at high speeds on the highway AND that’s been outfitted to pull a trailer.

If you’re EVER getting passed by a tractor then you’re simply not driving fast enough. On a road without speed limits you should be going no less than 100mph at all times, not 60mph. You shouldn’t be getting passed by the world’s weirdest tractor. Lastly: thank god for dashboard cameras capturing moments like this.

[via r/roadcam]