6ft Tall Man Gets Inside A Giant Water Balloon, Blows It Up, And Films It In Slow-Motion HD (Video + GIFs)

The Slow Mo Guys just dropped a new video featuring a 6-foot tall man climbing inside a 6-foot tall water balloon, then filming that gigantic water balloon until it explodes. As usual, they’ve filmed the video in their typical slow-mo HD (4K footage) as the balloon fills up and exploded with the man inside of it. This video is (in my humble opinion) the PERFECT viral video.

If you’ve been an avid reader of mine here on BroBible for any measure of time then you’d know by know that I’m a sucker for a video of things getting blown up in slow-mo HD. Just kidding, both you and I know that I don’t have a single devoted reader on this site. To most of you I’m just that bro who brings you pics, memes, and the occasional heartwarming dog story. But with just a visual trickery and some fancy GIF making, I think today I just might be able to convert at least one of you 25 billion monthly readers into a fan of my work, because goddammit I make a helluva GIF when it comes to slow-mo HD!

In the video below we’ve got some footage from the infamous ‘Slow Mo Guys‘, the dudes who run the YouTube channel that is famous for making high-definition slow-motion footage of completely inane things. So without further ado here are the best GIFs from ‘6ft Man in 6ft Giant Water Balloon (4K footage)’ by The Slow Mo Guys:

When you have an itch but you’re stuck inside a 6-foot tall water balloon….

And now for the 4K slow-mo HD footage:

And last but not least, the full video of the 6-foot tall man climbing inside the 6-foot tall water balloon and that water balloon being filled until it bursts:

[The Slow Mo Guys YouTube]