Girl Gives Bros Ultimate Guide On Taking Dick Pics On Snapchat

There are plenty of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” in the wondrous world of dick pic sharing. Do some manscaping so your donger seems to stand out like the Washington Monument and not lost in a jungle. Don’t send photos to females who don’t want to see your chode and could potentially take revenge on you by sending them to your dear, sweet nana. Don’t be so erect as to look menacing and scary, be plump enough to impress, but don’t look like you’re trying so hard.

Despite lacking the tube steak, Reece here made a insightful guide to dick pics. She covers the various angles, props and ways to present one’s member.

Despite her lack of a #4 and considering that Reece doesn’t have a dick, I think she did a really tremendous job with this. I am with Reece on this one, “The Counter Flop” is also my favorite. It delivers a beautiful presentation for the cock and balls and gives your wang a nice resting area. It can also showcase to women that you have a clean bathroom and aren’t an animal. However I think Reece missed one critical dick pic rule, NEVER EVER SHOW YOUR FACE!