Girl Gets Absolutely DESTROYED By A Punch After Foolishly Calling Another Girl The N-Word

Referring to another person by using the N-word is all kinds of stupid. Doing it when you are standing directly in front of them and they outweigh you by more than a few pounds is almost suicidal.

That’s a lesson this foolish girl in Oklahoma found out the hard way when she dropped an N-bomb on the girl she was beefing with over who knows what.

Apparently Aleeyah, the girl with Roberto Duran’s hands of stone, had come over to the other girl’s house because of some threat she had made.

I’m guessing that she won’t be issuing any more threats, calling anyone the N-word to their face anytime soon, or eating solid foods for a few days after this.

Here’s the end result of the savage beatdown… WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO COMING THROUGH!

This person on Twitter summed it all up quite well I think…

H/T The Smoking Section

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