This Girl’s Snoring Sounds Exactly Like A WWI Fighter Plane, So This Bro Made The PERFECT Video

by 4 years ago

I sincerely doubt that this girl is happy about becoming famous due to her snoring, but her we are. These unfortunate sounding snores just so happen to sound exactly like a WWI fighter plane, like one of those ‘aces of the sky’ planes, and while that’s not all too significant on its own, it does become interesting when her boyfriend decides to make a video out of it.

My biggest question is this: Who has a tiny airplane replica laying around the house to film a video like this?

Seriously, even if my girl’s snoring sounded just like this I wouldn’t be able to film this video myself, because I wouldn’t know where to find a tiny WWI airplane replica. The only place I can think of where someone could buy a collectible like that is at a high-end hobbies shop, or Amazon. Therefore I’m led to believe this man is a collector of World War I memorabilia, and/or obsessed with WWI planes….Which begs the question: Did this bro seek out this girl because he’s so obsessed with WWI planes that he wanted a woman who snores like a plane? Was this not some serendipitous occurrence, but actually a situation where this girl’s snores are what makes her attractive???

We’ll never know.


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Tip of the hat to ‘Happy Place‘ for finding and sharing this video.