Girls Are Starting To Put GLITTER FRECKLES On Their Faces For #Fashion And I’m Starting To Question My Sexuality

Listen, I’m not here to tell women how to live their lives. As men, I’m sure we do a lot of shit that are unfathomable to the general female population–like invest insurmountable amounts of time, money and energy into the lives and performances of professional athletes we’ve never met in a sport we’ve probably never played competitively. SHUT UP, TINA IT’S FUN! I’M FOURTH IN MY FANTASY LEAGUE BUT MAKING A PUSH HOWS YOUR SICK GRANDMA BY THE WAY?

Both sexes have our little idiosyncrasies that the other will never truly understand, but this one, this one is unconscionable, gender aside. Like if aliens came down and they saw men watching football they’d be like “weird, but I get it,” but if they saw chicks smearing sparkles on their faces they’d be like “da fuck?”

But I guess that’s all the rage lately with our beautiful counter-sex. Glitter freckles. We should be supportive men and make an effort to understand it, just like we did when their eyebrows start growing elbows for some reason idk.



Here’s what could happen if we don’t try to talk some sense into them.
“Mom, dad. This is Tina. She’s going through some shit.”

Also this???

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BRO! Who’s FUCKING side are you on, Judas?

White party #nofilter #glitterfreckles

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