A Rare Goblin Shark Was Caught In Australia You Really Need To See This Freak Of Nature

The goblin shark is an extremely rare species that inhabits deep waters between 1,000 to 4,000 feet. And that’s definitely for the best because if this shark was seen regularly by fishermen and swimmers there’s no doubt in my mind that we’d set the entire goddamn ocean on fire and hunt these abominations into extinction.

Because the goblin shark inhabits such deep water it is rarely caught, but one Australian man nabbed himself one last summer and it’s now in display in the Australian Museum to be displayed in the museum’s fish exhibit. In that video above we’ve got the (possibly) mentally-ill exhibit director manhandling the shark and talking about how beautiful it is. Fascinating? Sure. That thing is a freak of nature with an inexplicably hilarious forehead and remarkable jaw. Beautiful? You have to be some kind of crazy to find beauty in a creature such as that.

Listen, I’m a shark lover. I’m fascinated by just about anything and everything in the ocean (including the goblin shark). But just look at that damn mouth and tell me you’re able to find beauty in this creature:

Last Summer a giant goblin shark was caught off the coast of Florida (though they’ve been caught up to 20-feet in length), and some pretty insane photos of the shark were taken…But they didn’t do this, and this is a lot more interesting: