Not Satisfied With Getting Gored By Regular Bulls, Spaniards Get Destroyed By Bulls With Flaming Horns

It’s that time of the year again where Spaniards release giant angry bulls into thousands of people in the crowded streets of Pamplona, Spain. The 8-day San Fermin Festival is held every year from the 6th to the 14th of July and that also means the Running of the Bulls. In the traditional event that dates back to the Middle Ages, six bulls and their guiding steer stampede along a narrow half mile long course. This year’s run lasted 2 minutes and 14 seconds and there were several injuries.

But it’s not just Spain’s finest who risk their lives. Three Americans were injured and taken to the hospital after being gored. One man from Arizona was injured, another from Florida was gored in the armpit and the other from California was impaled in the groin. A British man was also gored in the groin. And a 27-year-old Australian man was gored not once, but twice right in the dick. Like the old adage says, “Gore me once in the cock, shame on you. Gore me twice in the cock, shame on me.” Shockingly, only 15 people have died from gorings at the San Fermin Festival since they began keeping stats in 1924.

Well apparently getting a sharp bull horn up your peehole isn’t dangerous enough because there are men going up against bulls with their horns set ablaze.

I’m sure that the bull is totally not pissed off that someone set his head on fire as drunks scream at it. The bull gores this gentleman right in his anus with his fire horn as it easily tosses him into the air. That must have burned more than a bathroom break after eating spicy chorizo the day before.

If the Spaniards want physical punishment so bad, why can’t they just order a dominatrix like the rest of us decent human beings? Why does this poor bull have to be aggravated to the point that he craves killing people?

Bulls – 1 Humans – 0