Grandpa Gets A Caught Up In His First VR Experience And Takes A Few Swings At Some Family Members

Old people and technology will never successfully mix. It’s unnatural. And not like the good, fake boobs unnatural. Like the sugar-free chocolate unnatural. However, sometimes the results are pretty hilarious. A la this grandpa forgetting that there is a real world beyond the borders of the Virtual Reality one he finds himself in.

This is what I can only assume is what the beginning of the Matrix will look like. The guy’s got a wire growing out of the back of his head, he can’t differentiate reality from virtual reality. Tossing haymakers at his family while thinking that they’re enemies in some faraway land. Grandpa took the blue pill, no doubt about it. In my opinion, this has to be some sort of elder abuse. People get in trouble for getting old people drunk or giving them LSD. VR is pretty much like digital LSD. How come this is legal? What if his grandkids had wanted to really fuck with him and made him play a game set in Vietnam? That’s a one-way ticket to PTSD City. That’s fucked up. What if grandpa had killed someone? Who’s at fault? It’s not grandpa, it’s us.