This Dude Fighting Off A Truck-Sized Great White Shark With Nothing But A Broom Will Blow Your Mind

This is one of the craziest encounters I’ve seen in quite some time. It’s been a hot few weeks for Great White Sharks too, and just when you thought the wild shark news would simmer down this clip comes along. Last week there was the massive great white that had swum through the bars of a diving cage and up out the top, a clip that’s being called the craziest great white footage ever filmed. Just a day before that I brought you bros news of another great white shark in Guadalupe that had gotten stuck in one of the diving cages and severed off the diver’s oxygen supply, one of the most intense stories of the year….and now this.

The incident seen above took place over in Port Fairy, Australia when Dan Hoey was fishing for ‘gummy sharks‘, which is an actual shark species and not the gummy candies I initially assumed we were talking about. Apparently, this behemoth of a great white simply wouldn’t leave them alone, so he was forced to fend off the shark with a broom or risk having his tiny boat trashed by the big ass great white.

There is still plenty of time left in the year but I’d like to go ahead and humbly submit this for consideration as one of the weirdest clips of 2016, so whoever out there is keeping a list of ‘the weirdest’ just go ahead and add this to your list.

(h/t Esquire via Herald Sun)