Watch This Grizzly Bear Rocking The Dad Bod Belly Flop Into A Pool Because It’s Goddamn Adorable That’s Why

Are you smiling right now? I’m smiling. Just a 600-pound grizzly bear rocking the dad bod having some good, clean human fun. Probably called in sick from work to have a “me” day. Shut off his phone and told his boss to go fuck himself and he’ll get him those TPS reports when he’s done sun bathing. Savage move but gotta respect the play. And here I am in this humid ass apartment on this beautiful summer day blogging about a bear out there living his life. He’s probably got some topless bear chicks on beach chairs whispering to each other “he’s kinda cuuuuute.” No living organism on the planet I’d rather be than this grizzly right now.

When you don’t wait 30 minutes after eating to go swimming…

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