Guy Tries Getting Laid By Telling Girl He Used To Try Spying On Her Through Her Bedroom Window Plus More WTF Facts

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I don’t know if this needs to be said, but just to be safe, at no point in any relationship is it ever okay to admit you used to spy on someone through their bedroom window. I don’t care if it’s trivia night, I don’t care if you’re playing “Never Have I Ever” and I don’t care if it’s a life or death situation: you don’t admit that unless you want to become alienated from every single person in your social group.

As for the guy in this text conversation below, I suspect he doesn’t really have that many friends to alienate in the first place, which means that hey – good for him. Way to swing for the fences, yet miss so badly that your pop-fly not only gets you out, but somehow crushes your skull so badly that you’re now effectively brain dead.

That’s a bummer.







“I’m hanging out by your house.” Really? I hope this guy is just socially awkward and not a serial killer, because in any other situation this would be the moment that you call the police.

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