Helicopter Mom Texts Bro Who Bailed On Hanging Out With Clingy Daughter, Messages Are One Giant Bucket Of ‘WTF’

According to Redditor DemonsDieAlone, some idiot clinger level Defcon 5 had been bothering him to hang out with her for the past week. Unable to accept the answer “No” as a valid response, the girl continued to text him until he ended up having to block her:

She had just been pestering me for the last week to hang out, and I was sick and didn’t want to deal with it. I barely knew her and felt like death.

Plus if it took me more than 10 minutes to respond, she’d immediately send multiple texts, message me on facebook, try to facetime me, and call me on the phone. She knew I was sick, which was why I couldn’t meet up, but not once did she ever ask how I was feeling or send me well wishes.

It was getting pretty ridiculous, so I told her I was not going to meet up period. When she tried to pester me more about it, I asked her not to text me anymore, which she ignored so I blocked her.

So of course the LOGICAL next step on her part is to relay the whole situation to her mother, then have said mother text DemonsDieAlone asking what happened, why did he block her, and what can she do to “fix” things.

Sorry to break it to you lady, but “fixing” anything is way out of the question at this point – in fact you’re clearly making it 500x worse than it was in the first place. Oh well, like mother like daughter – unable to take a hint and incapable of acting normal in public:

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