Here’s How Stephen Hawking Thinks Humanity On Earth Will End Forever


The other day Paul told you abut how Stephen Hawking thinks humanity only has a 100 years left our third stone from the sun. Will humanity’s doomed fate be because…

A.) The Earth gets thrown off it’s rotational orbit around the sun and becomes a barren planetary wasteland?

B.) The polar ice caps finally melt and what exists of mankind on the earth’s oceans is forced to live a tribal life like Kevin Costner in Waterworld.

C.) Asteroids and no Bruce Willis to save us.

D.) Nuclear annihilation, but minus cryogenic chambers like those in Fallout 4 that allow us to flash-forward into our Mad Max-esque future.

E.) Skynet, but no Sarah Connor.

Answer: It’s a weird mixture of B, D, and E. We’re fucked.