Real-Life GTA High-Speed Car Chase Involves Car Using Smoke Screen + Throwing Spikes

So there’s really no easy way to say this without me appearing disrespectful of law enforcement, and I want to be very clear that is not the case and I wholeheartedly support our boys in blue, but I must admit that I’m a complete sucker for a great high-speed car chase. I don’t know when my love affair with car chases began, maybe it was in 1994 when Charlie Sheen’s The Chase hit theaters and that hot chick from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie stole the show, or maybe I’m just hardwired to really love car chases for some reason.

If I see one picking up coverage on Twitter (99.99% they take place in California, it’s ALWAYS California) I’ll stop whatever I’m doing and watch. So when I saw this crazy footage from Lithuania I knew I had to share it with you bros. In the clip above the car fleeing police officers seems almost too well prepared, as if this was somehow staged, only it’s 100% real and the car running from the police is equipped with a smoke screen and spikes to pop the officer’s tires. It’s total insanity, and definitely not your run of the mill high-speed car chase.

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