Hilarious Instagram Proves That Every Bro In New York City Is Wearing the Same J. Crew Gingham Shirt

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.50.40 PM

Bros love to make fun of girls who do stereotypical “basic” shit, like wear yoga pants, Ugg Boots, North Face fleeces, and go to Starbucks to order skinny vanilla lattes. But at the end of the day, Bros are clones of each other too, especially in New York City where there’s a certain “look” preppy Bros try to adhere to: wayfaryers, Sperrys, dark jeans, Patagonia fleece, etc etc etc. Gingham shirts are a staple of every basic Bro and all the rage these days thanks to the to their rabid popularity at stores like J. Crew and the Gap. Young professional Bros are walking around New York City looking like they’re wearing a table cloth from a picnic table. Hell, three people have Gingham on in our office today.

To prove that every 20-something male is dressed identical these days, Jonathan Sans started an Instagram called @thatjcrewginghamshirt, referencing this J. Crew classic that costs a very reasonable $64.

If you don’t own this shirt, are you even a Bro? See you basic Bros at Brother Jimmy’s tonight for Natty pounders.