Apparently There’s A Massive Shark Swimming Off The Coast Of Hilton Head, And I’ll Be Staying Out Of The Ocean Forever

hilton head shark

Facebook/Steve Triplett

On Thursday evening, beachgoer Steve Triplett posted the below photo to Facebook, and it’s since been shared in excess of 47,000 times.

It looks like an utterly massive shark fin, patrolling just several yards off the shore of Hilton Head Isalnd, S.C. Coincidentally, but maybe not, Shark Week kicks off tonight on television.

Apparently, there’s some debate among “experts” about what this really is, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you guys – it’s a fucking shark. Zero question in my mind, that is a shark fin of a Jaws-sized shark that I do not want to be around. It’s not a dolphin, it’s not a sting ray, it’s not a manatee, and if you want to believe that it is, then have fun getting attacked by a SHARK.

I’ll be over here not taking any chances. No South Carolina ocean for me this weekend. Not trying to be sharkbait. Be safe out there, beachgoers. And better yet, someone reel that fucker in, why don’t ya?!

[via MyFox8]


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