Hooters Is Serving Up Wings Wrapped In BACON And Smothered In Daytona Sauce For The Final Four

For the rest of March Madness Hooters is offering up the best wings in the world wrapped in bacon and then smothered in their signature Daytona sauce, so if you’re looking for me I’ll be at Hooters from now until the Championship Game on April 6th.

Apparently the wonderful people over at Hooters have been serving up the bacon-wrapped wings the entire tournament, only they neglected to tell me even though (as I’ve established here before many, many times) I am their biggest fan. For the entire duration of the tournament Hooters is offering up a ‘Courtside Eats’ that lists the following items:

Bacon wrapped wings, featuring Hooters naked chicken wings wrapped in the world’s best meat, tossed in signature Daytona sauce and finished off on the grill. For a savory appetizer perfect for an entire bracket party to share, Hooters beer cheese and pretzels are a fan favorite, featuring a creamy blend of cheeses infused with stout beer and served up with salted warm Bavarian pretzels. Rounding out the limited time menu is a game time favorite, Porky’s Revenge, a half-pound, all-beef hot dog smothered in Hooters chili, shredded cheeses and fresh jalapenos.

There’s also something where you can sign up for a contest and win trips and stuff, but I already tried that shit and didn’t win, so chances are you won’t either and shouldn’t waste your time. What you SHOULD do with your time though is head on over to your nearest Hooters and indulge in the world’s greatest wings wrapped in bacon….Also: Hooters Chicks.