There’s A New ‘Hottest Pepper In The World’ And It’s So Hot That The Guy Who Created It Refuses To Try It

by 11 months ago
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I love spicy food. I love hot sauces. I believe that hot sauce that brings tears to your eyes doesn’t make you a sadomasochistic — It makes you someone who likes the feeling of being alive. Sometimes I purposely seek out hot sauce-flavored chips for snacks. Like I did last night:

The hottest sauce in my current collection is Rapture Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce from TorchBearer Sauces. It’s considered the hottest “natural” sauce in the world with a blend of natural ghost chili and Trinidad scorpion peppers. My tolerance for hot sauce is hotter than most and even a very tiny dab of Rapture knocks me on my feet, screaming for milk.

There’s now a pepper that blasts the previous “world’s hottest pepper” — The Carolina Reaper — out of the stratosphere. It’s called the Dragon’s Breath chili and it boasts a Scoville rating of 2.48 million, compared to the Carolina Reaper a 1.5 million.

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