People Are Losing Their Goddamn Minds Arguing Over How Many Girls Are In This Photo, My Theory Is 4

People are losing their heads while arguing over how many girls are in this photo. We know at the bare minimum there are a) at least two girls in this photo and b) there are mirrors in this pic. After that is where the debate begins.

I’ll let you bros take a look at this picture before I give you my own theory on what might be happening here and why:

The comments on that photo have set off an argument of epic proportions.

So how many do you see? At first glance you see 4 girls, with the one on the far right looking into the mirror. Then you see the crease from the (potential) mirror after the second girl, or at least you think you do. At that point you’re convinced that there are only two girls in this picture. Around this time in your mental games you begin to notice the bracelets on the girls…and this is what brings me to my conclusion of 4.

I believe that there are four girls in this photo, two sets of twin, and I believe this because of the bracelet on the 2nd girl’s right hand (second from the left) that doesn’t appear again, as well as the hair tie or whatever it is on the 4th girl’s right arm that only appears on every fourth girl. It’s four girls. The answer is 4. If you think otherwise I dare you to convince me down below in the comments.

[h/t Mirror]