Wait, It Costs How Much to Attend the Average Wedding?

A new study found that the cost of attending a wedding has skyrocketed over the past several years. So, how much is it to go see two people publicly state their undying affection for each other?

A fuck ton. A fucking, fucking, fucking fuck ton. Seventy-five percent more than it did in 2012.

Oh, you want a precise figure? I was trying not to give one, because then you’ll all be forced to do the math I just did.

But, oh well. About $592 per wedding. Let’s round it up to $600. I went to six weddings last year, and I have four this year. That’s, oh, $6,000 that could be sitting in my bank account right now and not existing on the balance sheets of the airline, hotel and registry industries.

Love. Fuck it.

[Via NBC News; Wedding Guests via Shutterstock]