Here’s How To Roll A Perfect Joint, A Skill Every Bro Should Know

Knowing how to roll a joint is a skill every self-respecting man should know. As we near the end of weed prohibition and marijuana legalization becomes the norm the general public is going to be clamoring for methods to smoke their pot, and the ‘joint’ will continue to be one of the most popular methods.

Rolling a joint isn’t a difficult skill to master, but if you’ve never done it then it can prove tricky the first few times. Like with most things, when it comes to rolling joints ‘practice makes perfect’.

So what exactly goes into rolling a joint? Well first off you need rolling papers and weed, and sometimes a dollar bill or a rolling apparatus is useful. As you see in the video above you first break up the weed into fine bits, if you have a grinder handy that’ll do the trick. If you’re using a dollar bill you then make a crease in the bill, pour the marijuana into that fold, feed the rolling paper into the crevice, and then twist ever-so-gently until you’ve achieved the required shape. Once your joint is finished and you’re not satisfied with the shape, well you can just tear it apart and start over, because rolling papers aren’t expensive and there’s no reason to skimp on perfection.