This 16 Year Old With A Completely Disproportionate Body Claims She’s The New ‘Human Barbie’


I’m probably missing something, but I don’t get the fascination with looking like a literal Barbie doll. For one thing, who wants to have sex with a Barbie doll? Sure she’s got huge boobs and a tiny waist, but come on…


…she looks like a re-animated blowup doll that someone barfed anime makeup all over. I can’t even tell which one is real and which one isn’t up there. Am I just out of touch with life? Is this what people really want to see when they walk down the street? Because I’d much rather get stuck looking at an overweight cow-beast with a bag of McBeetus clutched in their left paw than something that looks like it got ripped straight out of a low budget Invasion of the Body Snatchers movie.

Apparently I’m an old fogey though, since we have a new ‘Human Barbie,’ who is disturbingly 16. Yep, 16. I’m not old enough by any means to say “I weep for the youth of today,” but really. I weep for the youth of today.

” Lolita Richi, from Kiev, Ukraine, boasts the same impossible body proportions and plain facial features as the popular children’s toy.
She has a tiny 20-inch waist, a 32F bra size and wears contact lenses that mimic the wide-eyed doll stare.”

Why you would want to have a “wide-eyed doll stare” is beyond me, but we’ll keep going…

” Lolita maintains that her walking-talking doll looks were achieved without plastic surgery, dieting or Photoshop.
And her striking looks have gained her thousands of followers on social media.
The outspoken high-school student, who is now temporarily living in Turkmenistan, said: “I think I’ve achieved this image better than anyone else. I’m the ultimate vamp woman…
Lolita added: “I started dressing up like this because I want to look perfect. I think that all women should be well-kept and immaculate. I wanted to be my own inspiration.
“If a girl doesn’t have beautiful eyes then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that’s plastic surgery or not.
“I had great features to start with and I just improved on them. My big breasts are natural although I sometimes wear a push-up bra to enhance them.
“I have a gorgeous figure so I don’t even have to diet. I just eat whatever is available in the fridge whether that’s sausages or fruit.”

Via Mirror
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That’s right kids, if you’re ugly you need to go and fix yourself ASAP. It would be one thing if this girl was the next Kate Upton, but the only thing I can think of while looking at her is this:

giphy (1)

There’s a reason why dolls are the main subjects of so many horror movies.

[H/T Mirror]
[Images via Facebook]

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