I Love This Video Of Two Drunk Rednecks Fighting Over The Last Beer

Some quality fight video entertainment here from my boy Chris Spags, patron saint of delicious Wendy’s lunches. It sucks when you live in the middle of nowhere and are down to the last beer and everyone is drunk and someone calls dibs. Tensions mount. Things get violent. Usually not *this* violent unless you’re an alcoholic schmuck, but we’ve all seen some shit in our day.

But look, I don’t really give a fuck about how these two three-eyed fish gene pool fuck-ups are fighting over a beer. I just want to talk about this guy’s sneaker game. Crisp white Adidas Superstars — A timeless sneaker. Worn by everyone from Jay-Z to Robin Thicke to The Rock.

I’m not trying to float rumors, but maybe this guy isn’t as white trash as we think he is?


Now I almost want to get a pair. The my hipster-as-fuck Stan Smiths are lookin’ a little rough after four months of brutal NYC wear-and-tear. The Superstars, however, are clean.

It’s good to look clean, Bros.


[H/T: Spags]

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