This Couple Claims That Weed Ice Cream Made Them Hallucinate And Run Around Outside Naked


It’s not every day that we get to read stories about how marijuana is bad for you, because for the most part people tend to agree that it really isn’t. Sure it makes you wanna eat the entire world if you have jack shit for self control like I do, and watching movies with plotlines even slightly more complicated than Frozen while high is harder than doing an Iron Man marathon with only one leg, but in the grand scheme of things that isn’t really so bad. It’s not like weed makes you hallucinate and run around outside naked, right?

Well…it doesn’t. But these two idiots managed to either lie to the police about eating weed ice cream and were actually tripping their balls off, or had a bad case of the placebo effect and thought that weed was supposed to turn you into Randy Quaid. Either way, take solace in the knowledge that you’re not quite as dumb as these two.

Arun Junsdottir, 19, and Ruben Einarsson, 21, downed nearly a litre of the dessert they had laced with powerful skunk during a stay in a remote cabin in Iceland…

An official log of the incident on Facebook reads: ‘Once the couple had eaten the ice cream the man took off all of his clothes and started running around outdoors, experiencing severe hallucinations.

‘The girlfriend was also feeling extremely nauseous and was starting to have immense fears for their mental health, and called for police and medical help.’

Via Metro

Police reportedly seized what was left of the weed ice cream and sent it off for analysis. As for the couple, they were discharged after only one night in the hospital because as of right now there’s no cure for idiocy.

[H/T Metro, image via Shutterstock]