This ‘Impossible’ Math Problem Meant For Elementary Schoolers Is Stumping Adults Everywhere – Can You Solve It?

Math has never been my strong point, from figuring out the perimeter of a square to counting past 10…I was not made for numbers. So it should come as no surprise that upon giving the following math problem a solid look-see, I promptly turned my brain off and went back to watching Cass’ zit-popping videos that he has a morbid fascination with.

That’s not to say you can’t solve it though – I’m sure you, the devoted BroBible reader, are smart enough to figure this out:

The question is included on a maths homework paper given to ten-year-old pupils at a primary school in Glossop .

Pupils in Year Five at the school were asked to answer dozens of basic problem solving questions on the two-page paper.

But one dad left bemused by the section 6 question posted it on Facebook appealing for help.

The dad, 43, who got A-levels in maths in economics, said: “My son’s grandma had spent a while helping him with his homework and most of it was straightforward but this one question left her stumped.

“I then spent an hour or so trying to work it out but found it impossible.

“I even sent it to a friend who got a 1st class degree in economics and they were baffled by it as well.(via)

YEAH SEE?? Not as easy as you thought it was going to be. And while we don’t have a solution for you because no one’s come up with a correct answer yet (many are saying it’s 44 cm for both, although an agreement hasn’t been reached), make sure to leave your guess in the comments so anonymous Facebook users can scream at you for being “wrong” and “stupid” even though there’s no surefire correct answer yet.

[H/T Manchester Evening News]