The Internet Is Freaking Over This Pic Of A Japanese Schoolgirl, But Can You Figure Out WHY Just From Looking At It?


Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa

You probably can’t, although that’s nothing to be ashamed of – I couldn’t either just from looking at the photo. At first it’s pretty innocuous; girl’s wearing school clothes standing in front of a backdrop. Nothing too interesting to see here.

…Until you realize that’s not a real girl.

According to Mirror, “Saya” is the creation of Tokyo-based 3D graphic artists Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa, a husband and wife duo who made Saya together.

In an interview with gaming site Kotaku, Yuka said: “Since we’ve been working on this between jobs, it’s been somewhat hard.

“We’re going to give it our best when making it.”

Since the image was shared by the graphic artists on Twitter, Saya has gone viral as internet users were stunned by how ‘real’ she looks.

The end-goal with Saya is to use her as a CGI character in a self-produced film the two are creating. More about Saya can be learned HERE.

Japanese-Schoolgirl (1)

Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa

[H/T Mirror]