The Mammoth Bodybuilder Nicknamed The ‘Iranian Hulk’ Has Signed Up To Fight ISIS In Syria

iranian hulk


You bros may have caught my post a couple weeks back that profiled a 24-year-old Iranian bodybuilder named Sajad Gharibi aka ‘The Persian Hercules’ aka ‘The Iranian Hulk.’

At the time of me posting, the 350-pound competitive bodybuilder had 62,000 Instagram followers, but as news spread about the man’s unconscionable size, his popularity ballooned with it, evident in his Instagram following that now sits at 139,000.

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx was moved to post about the beast.

Well, it has now been reported that the Persian Hercules is volunteering with Iranian forces battling Isil, and guard Shia mosques being destroyed by the Sunni terrorists, according to The Telegraph. Yes.

This news has a hint of irony in it considering Gharibi has previously had to deny rumours that he is the so-called “Bulldozer,” an Isil executioner with a similar build.

Upon hearing about Gharibi’s plans, people have flooded social media, where reviews are mixed. Many people are expressing gratitude and support of the Iranian Hulk, while others are questioning the effectiveness of someone that massive in battle situations.

One said:

“Whilst I think this guy is TRULY impressive, I worry that his size will make him SOO easy to spot. He’ll be in SOOO much more danger.” (via)

While the dude’s Shrek-like figure makes him a larger target for the enemy, it looks like it would take several bullets to take down this monster.

Regardless of people’s skepticism, it this bro feels compelled to protect mosques that are being destroyed by animalistic terrorists, its no one’s decision but his own. The only thing we can do is hope he crushes a terrorist’s skull with his bare hands and does reverse curls with his lifeless body.

Check out ISIS’s new worst nightmare:

BONUS POINTS: He loves America.

Good luck out there, fine sir.

[h/t The Telegraph]

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