Super Bro Move: Robert Downey, Jr. Helped Make A Sick 9-Year-Old Boy’s Dream Come True

In a story reminiscent of Batkid Miles Scott, the Make-A-Wish Foundation with a little help from Robert Downey, Jr. helped make a sick 9-year-old Australian boy’s superhero wish come true.

Thanks to their efforts, Domenic Pace, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, got to live out his dream, fighting crime and taking on the evil Ultron as “Iron Boy.” But not before he got the call for help from the Sydney Police Commissioner, of course.

In addition to saving the day by defeating Ultron, Pace also got to take a ride in a police helicopter, earned a medal of valor and received a special message from none other than Tony Stark himself.

“Hey Domenic, it’s Tony. I’m a little undercover right now,” says Downey in the special video he filmed below. “I’ve shaved the beard, hat and glasses, because in case you don’t know there was a civil war recently. Trying to keep it on the DL. Anyway, I’ve heard you’ve had quite the day. It’s hard work saving the world isn’t it? I hope you had lots of fun. I bet you enjoyed the helicopter ride this morning. I just want to wish you all the best. Keep up the good work. And listen here, I don’t do this very often, I’m making you an honorary member of the Avengers. I hereby dub thee. Because guess what? Iron Man loves you.”

Way to go, once again, Mr. Downey. You sir, are a true bro among bros.

Check out some of the tremendous photos and videos from the event.

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