Check Out The Unibrow On This ISIS Leader Who Was Reportedly Just Air-Striked Into Oblivion

Yo, first off, get a load of this jerkoff’s unibrow. Dude’s got a fucking happy trail on his forehead. Are those eyebrows or a headband made of hair? I would advise him to pluck that shit, but I guess now that may be a bit difficult since he’s, ya know, dead.

The Pentagon reported that a coalition airstrike on Friday has killed Abu Waheeb, former member of Al-Qaeda and the leader Islamis State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) in Anbar province, according to the Telegraph. Waheeb, along with three other ISIS militants, was killed traveling in a vehicle in a town near Rutba, in Anbar province.

Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook released the following statement:

“On May 6, a coalition air strike targeted Abu Waheeb, Isil’s military emir for Anbar province and a former member of Al-Qaeda in Iraq who has appeared in Isil execution videos.”

“ISIL leadership has been hit hard by coalition efforts and this is another example of that,” Cook said. “It is dangerous to be an ISIL leader in Iraq and Syria these days, and for good reason.”

A former computer science student, Waheeb has appeared in numerous ISIL execution videos and was described by many ISIL monitoring sites as a rising star within the terror group.

According to BBC, Waheeb was arrested by US forces in Iraq and sentenced to death but escaped prison in 2012, and made a name for himself the following year by killing a group of Syrian truck drivers traveling through Iraq.

Although ISIL still controls much of its border, U.S. led air strikes have been successful in defeating senior leaders within the group, ultimately weakening its stronghold.

[h/t BBC]

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