Israel Owns ISIS, Thwarts Terror Organization’s First Attempted Attack Inside Its Borders


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Mad props to Israel this morning, who thrawted an ISIS plot aimed at the nation’s liquor stores.

Mother fuckers.

The cell they rounded up also planned to attack the country’s police stations and military positions, but whatever.

Not the bar.

From Fox News:

An ISIS cell that trained in the forests near Galilee while plotting to attack Israeli police and military facilities — as well as liquor stores — was shattered by the intelligence agents in what experts say is the first known case of the black-clad terrorist army operating within the Jewish state, sources told Thursday.

Seven Israeli Arabs, including one already serving time in prison, were charged in Nazareth for the alleged roles in the plot, which was foiled by the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal intelligence agency, in a joint operation with the northern division of the Israeli police.

Two of the suspects maintained Internet contact with friends who had gone to Syria in November and are now fighting with the Islamic State in Iraq, according to officials. During their interrogation, the two suspects said the ISIS operatives had convinced them to mount attacks, officials said. Training with a third man in forests close to their Galilee village of Yafia, they scouted police units in northern Israel, as well as a nearby army base. The suspects also revealed plans to attack liquor stores in Nazareth, resenting the consumption of alcohol which is forbidden under Islamic law.

Fucking dipshits. Don’t fuck with a man’s booze. But also, don’t fuck with Israel. They don’t play. I bet those guys they arrested are not enjoying their Friday. Not one bit.